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Jax Kids Playgroup and Parents Club

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Welcome To Jax Kids!

This playgroup is for all of the Jacksonville , Florida Moms and Dads in the Jax Beach , Atlantic Beach , Neptune Beach , Southside , Intercoastal West , Arlington , and surrounding towns area! (Im sorry- we are not accepting applications for Orange Park and Mandarin at this time)

This group is being set up for parents of two year olds going thru the hard and sometimes frustrating times,as well as the happy go lucky times, with them. This is a place where you can be honest about how you feel and can share your experiences with others like you. The goal of this group is to be there for one another and get together at times to discuss our children one on one.

This is also great group for parents with more than one child who can help share how to deal with two or more at once. Please join us for some adult conversation in our never ending search to find that balance between staying calm and wanting to tear our hair out!

Please join if you are raising just one child, or many!

Hot Topics such as politics and religion are off limits, but we have better things to talk about! :)

**This is a Sister group to Jacksonville Kids Playgroup and Parents Club, so there may be times that we all can get together!**

Where Parent and Child are #1

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