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Jax Pagan Playgroup


This group is being set up for the pagan community in Jacksonville, Florida. This is a place where pagan parents can all get together and find some great playmates for their children and some good friends for themselves, as well as, support in everyday issues we face!

This group is open to anyone in the Jacksonville, Fl Area. Please keep in mind that we all live on different sides of town, and hopefully can find someone near us to share in some fun! :) At this time we have members in Mandarin and near ICW/Arlington area. The ages in this group so far are infant to preschool range, but feel free to join no matter how old your children are!

Future plans include playdates at parks, the beach, lunches out, Moms Nite Out, Family Days, BBQs, picnics, and plenty of indoor activities too...This is a place we can all share what we like to do with our kids!

Please help make this one of the greatest playgroups out there!

There is no Drama..If a subject is getting out of hand, agree to disagree or you will be removed. Open minds only..:)

July 3rd- We open our doors!
July 5th- we now have 4 members! :)


This is a great place to meet other pagans in a local setting!!


Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list.

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