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The Spirited Child

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Ever been told "Wow! He is such a BOY!" or "Wow! She is very emotional, huh?"


This group is for parents, care givers and all who are interested in talking about and learning how to help a child who has been labeled spirited, hyperactive, aggressive, emotional, intense, persistent, sensitive, perceptive, uncomfortable with change, difficult, challenging, a pain, over active, overly energetic, too much to handle, special needs, high maintenance and more!

Does your child bite, hit, pull hair, kick, headbutt, spits, pinch, push, have regular tantrums, damage your or their own belongings, destroy books, toys and things you never knew were breakable?

Here we can talk about how to help our children to deal with their emotions and actions. Parents talking to others about what has worked, what didnt, and what you may want to try and do.

This is a brand new group forming to help out people just like you! There is no judging, just help.



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