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Jax Pagan Playgroup

About Us!

Just a bit about who we are and what we stand for

Who we are

We have lots of plans for this group!  This is for Families, Moms, Dads, Kids, and Friends....

We wanted a place where Pagans could go and feel comfortable about the path they have chosen and know that everyone around them is there to help support and nurture that love and belief.

We are very big in showing our kids what is out there for them, and we love to enrich their lives in any way we can. This is why Museums, the zoo and various pagan activities  around town are always on our calendar!

Please join us and see what all the fun is about! We have open space for parents in all walks of life, staying at home, working, single or married....Join us for you...time that you need to spend on yourself, or join us for your kids social skills---or better yet--join us for BOTH! We put family first...and believe that it does take a village to raise a child! You are never alone when you need a hand! Edit Text

What we stand for

We want everyone to feel comfy in thier own shoes at all times. We want to bring the pagan community together and let them know that you are never alone. There are more of us than you think!

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